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March 14, 2018
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March 17, 2018

I was under the impression that a good organization has great leaders and achievers chose and work with a dedicated and a formidable team to achieve targeted goals. A political party is no different and more so if it is the Grand Old Party of the United States of America, the oldest democracy in the world.

The current president Donald Trump has belied the routine and stands out in changing the status quo with his idiosyncrasies, often labelling the democratic party and all his predecessors as incompetent and blaming them for all the present mess, whether North Korea, Iran, or his country’s stance on climate change. His self-certification that he is the greatest president US has ever seen is outright funny and undermines the serenity associated with a world statesman.

White house has become a game of musical chairs with many important officials either quitting or sacked by the POTUS, often ingloriously. The latest on whom the axe had fallen is US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who braved to oppose many brash controversial stands taken by the US President.

It is up to the people and the Congress to elect any person of their choice, but they should realize that US is as much a part of a world order and should not allow U-turn of activities by past presidents and the democrats led government. The reversal of America’s committed stand on Climate change, on H1B visas, flip-flop on the border wall with Mexico, on penal import tariffs of steel and aluminum, on reneging the Iran Nuclear deal, his country’s position with its NATO partners, nuclear disarmament all expose US as an unsteady leader of the world and unworthy friend of allies.

The president of a democracy provides hope, guarantees freedom and motivates other countries in the world. He is the harbinger of peace, settler of disputes and above all should be a person of highest integrity and honour. Is the POTUS really is? Does he not evoke fear and anxiety when he claims he has a bigger switch to the nuclear button?

Trump, an accidental president, needs to introspect. Knowing the American adamancy, will he ever?

S S Kumar
Intrépide voix

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