March 7, 2019

Reveal the truth!

N. Ram, the editor of ‘The Hindu newspaper,’ played a crucial role in publicising the corruption over the purchase of Bofors guns, the news about which […]
March 1, 2019

The pilot who averted a war!

Wing Commander Abhinandan’s MiG 21 Bison was shot at and was speedily hurling towards the ground, the pilot did the appropriate thing, to eject out in […]
February 28, 2019

A promising gesture by PM Imran!

It’s only this morning that I had posted under the caption ‘Cowards,’ lamenting over the disgusting reaction of a section of the politicians, press and citizens […]
February 26, 2019

Hello Mr. Imran Khan!

Destiny has made Pakistan our neighbour, and it is time that you must consider a rollback of the war-cries and usual rhetoric and try some out-of-box-thinking […]
February 26, 2019

A new josh!

A New Josh! The agony and shame over the death of 42 soldiers of the CRPF, from a terrorist attack, could be somewhat redeemed by an […]
February 24, 2019

Media R.I.P!

Media RIP! It’s a known fact that most media houses are under the control of corporates and political parties, and thus it is not surprising that […]
February 19, 2019

India is great and Indians, greater!

Jaish-e-Mohammad lost no time in gloating over the success of their attack on the convoy of CRPF personnel in Pulwama in which 40 or more jawans […]
February 16, 2019

What could be our role?

Not being able to digest its defeat in repeated battles and wars and conceding a sizeable portion of their country on the east, Pakistan has now […]
February 16, 2019

Pulwama attack

The convoy of nearly 75 vehicles belonging to the Central Reserve Force was moving slowly in the snowy streets of Pulwama among mist and rain. Waiting […]